Wholesale Distribution

With our vast network of connections among the dealers, retailers, supply markets and bulk buyers, we ensure that your product and brand are reaching the best market spaces. Our highly skilled polyglot team of professionals makes every deal that goes through is a win-win situation for both parties at a reasonable price.

Business Development

We know the Asia , Middle East & Africa market for Electronic Gadgets very well, and we keep ourselves updated round the year 24/7. Our distribution and market developing strategies that are custom-made for our customers and ensure maximum sale of the products, development and growth through our distribution channel to them.

Market Research

Our team of experienced experts is always monitoring and analyzing the fluctuating market prices of all products all the time , ensuring that the best price is provided for all the customers. The market research by Amir Mughal General Trading LLC ensures that the product is distributed with maximum benefits to all its customers. We ensure to provide best prices.


Our logistics supply chain is securely connected all around the World. We offer tracked, secured, and insurance-protected deliveries through our delivery channels. We are providing services by Union, Captain, Fedex, UPS and many more Logistics companies as well.

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